I’ve written for a number of publications about how technology and information management works in the business environment, for private and public sectors. Below are links to examples of my work:


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The search for a data scientist

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A business role for ethical algorithms

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How to introduce open data to your organisation

Key questions for crowdsourcing

Technology for crowdsourcing

How is the government identity assurance service going to work?

Diversity prevails for government identity assurance

Financial Times (registration)

Big data needs big guidance

Retail managers need to become more IT-savvy

Ethical algorithms add sense of ‘fair play’ to computing


Augmented reality: good for business?

Computer Weekly

Using RFID in data analytics

Is privacy undermining trade in digital services?

Government Computing

Managing the SIAM towers

CloudStore: who’s going to use it?

Taking a dual header approach to government ICT: Andy Nelson interview


What will 802.11ac mean for the workplace?

Smartphones are a weak link in security

Why you should take IPv6 seriously

Your Better Business

Mobile technology in healthcare

Mobile technology in local government

Mobile technology in policing